Sheep sleeping on the pastures
Cowboy herding cattle
Farms around Qazvin
Farms around Qazvin
Portrait of a little Baloch girl
A little Baloch boy at Beris
ATV in the desert
Birds flying over Pasab Pond
Life in the desert
Life in the desert
Masuleh Village
Masuleh Village
People in a restaurant in Masouleh.
In the alleys of Masuleh village
Masuleh Village
Couples at Qeytarieh Park
Esfahak Village
Gilaki girl selling handicrafts
Persian soldier at Persepolis, Iran
Walking in the streets of Anarak
The life of a tree in the desert
Lightning strike in Tehran
Persian hand-woven rugs made from silk
Abgoosht is an Iranian stew, It is also called Dizi
Beryan is a popular and tasty lunch dish in Isfahan
Portrait of a little girl at Palangan village
A Kurdish child playing around Palangan village
A mother playing with her son in the beach
A little boy playing in Qeshm Island
A shepherd and his flock at Gilan Province
Hyrcanian Forests
The ancient city of Meybod with a history of 6000 years
A mosque in Meybod
Dasht-e Lut
Nayband Village, Tabas County, Iran
Mr. Esmail is a Baloch fisherman living in Konarak port
A homeless man in Chabahar
A fishmonger in the bazaar of Chabahar.
Crescent moon over the Zagros mountains.
Little Baluch girl in a tent
Baluchi woman smoking hookah
Bazaar of Tabriz
Persian hand-woven rugs
Persian hand-woven rugs
Making a quilt at bazaar of Yazd
Afghan Workers
Shooting outdoor, portrait lighting (Combine flash with ambient light)
Shooting indoor with on camera flash
Shooting indoor with on camera flash
Portrait lighting with two lights
Shooting portrait with one light
Taq-e Bostan, UNESCO World Heritage
Palangan Village, Kordestan
Zarivar Lake
Bazaar of Tabriz
Working in a rice paddy in Lasht-e Nesha
Vank Cathedral
Tehran at Night
Tehran at Night
Sunset in Mesr Desert
Shepherd in Polour
Human & domestic animals (shepherd)
Sand storm in Dasht-e Lut, southern Iran
Roof of Ali Qapu Palace
Rider at Anzali beach
Playing with rabbit
An old couple sitting in front of their home.
Nature and Farms of Dehdez, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Nature and Farms of Dehdez, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Mesr Desert, Iran
Mesr Desert, Iran
Maymand Village
Maymand Village
Making a felt carpet
Mahdi riding his motorcycle around farms
Lake Urmia
Khur and Biabanak, Iran
Two rural women talking to each other in Kandovan village
Horses Fight
Horse and buggy at Naghsh-e Jahan Square
Heidar Mohammadi, a gardener living in Gol Tappeh, Zanjan
Girl in Colorful Clothes, Qeshm Island
Flower Garden, Isfahan
Fishing in Anzali Seaport
Donkey, Mesr Desert
Dasht-e Lut
Cotton candy seller at Darband, Tehran
Children in Laft Port, Qeshm Island
Chahkooh Canyon in Qeshm Island
Persian Fire-Jumping Festival
Campfire in the Desert
Bazaar of Dezful
Bam-e Tehran at Winter
Baking traditional bread
Badab-e Surt
Badab-e Surt
Landscape of Kurdistan
Boat in Anzali Lagoon
Alandan Lake
Aghazadeh Mansion