Konarak, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

Mr. Esmail is a Baloch fisherman living in Konarak port. He has a dozen of children and grandchildren. My friend and I went to his house. It was night and he had just returned from the sea. He had thrown his net into the sea for tomorrow. He does this almost every night.
Early the next morning we joined him. Before going he put the fuel tanks in his boat. We went in the boat for about half an hour. As we went on, the sun was gradually rising. He was looking for his net. Along the way we saw some of his fisherman friends and he greeted them and asked about the location of his net. The flow of water had drifted the net.
Finally his son spotted the net with the help of GPS, and happily went to his father to show him the exact location. I asked him why the route was so long and why he threw his net there. He replied that due to the rocky shores of the area, it was necessary to travel long distances. He also said that his friends had had a good fishing there the night before and had told him that the spot was good for fishing.

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