About Behnam Safarzadeh

Behnam Safarzadeh Profile

Behnam Safarzadeh is an Iranian photographer living in Tehran. He has been engaged in photography since 2000 and his professional career began in 2009. He has received several national prizes in Iranian festivals. His works has appeared in The British Museum and several magazines including GEO Saison, BEEF!, Eltern, Ondine.

Festivals and online publications
National Geographic (Yourshot) (2012)
The 2nd International Rojane Photography Festival (2013)
Shamim-Bahar Photography Festival (2013)
Nikon Iran Photo Contest (winner) (2014)
Khayyam International Exhibition of Photography (2014)
Image of the Year, Tassvir Festival (2014)
Getty Images (2014-present)

Nikon Iran Workshop (2014) – Shooting portrait with one light (Day 1)
Nikon Iran Workshop (2014) – Shooting portrait with two lights (Day 2)
Nikon Iran Workshop (2014) – Shooting indoor portrait with on camera flash (Day 3)
Nikon Iran Workshop (2014) – Portrait lighting, combine flash with ambient light (Day 7)
Photography Magazine (2018) – Understanding and control of the light