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Chahkooh Canyon

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چاهکوه، جزیره قشم، بهمن 1393
چاهکوه دره‌ای است با احجام و تندیس‌های بی‌نظیر و پوشیده از صدها حفره و کاسه و طاقچه بر بدنه عمومی آن با جوی‌های سنگی و چاه‌های آب که از یورش باد، بارش باران‌های تند و تابش آفتاب داغ پدید آمده‌است.
Chahkooh Canyon at Qeshm Island, Iran. Feb, 2015
In the site, there are two canyons plumbed on each other vertically. It is a narrow canyon with vertical rims and wonderful formations, which seems to be representing a creative artist’s demonstration. In some cases, the width of these rims reaches even to 1 m. This canyon which has been created in a layer of sand and due to the existence of marl layers, silt and lime and their dissolving erosion in holes, several beautiful ruts have been created. Since the floor of the canyon is the place on which water flows after each time raining, the locals have graved well (Chah in Persian) on it to make use of water, so the name “Chahkooh’ which means “Mount Well” has accordingly been chosen for it.

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