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Stars Valley

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دره ستاره‌ها، جزیره قشم، بهمن 1393
پانوراما متشکل از 12 عکس، HDR شده توسط 36 عکس
Stars Valley at Qeshm Island, Iran. Feb, 2015
The Stars Valley which is located in a beautiful area carries a peculiar Geo-Morphological structure. It is known as one of the main Geopark sites approved by the UNESCO. This site has been formed by very soft sedimentary and erodible layers made of marl on which there is a layer of calcareous sandstone. It is a suitable location for studying sedimentary layers, mechanism of erosion on the layers and their weathering. On the other hand, bulks of needle-shaped pillars, vertical rims, and several erosion-made holes have added more beauty to the Stars Valley.

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